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Saraswati Abacus Centre Mid Term Camp 2019

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Mar 27 - Mar 29Katihar · Katihar
 Saraswati Abacus Centre

""when the exams are done, it's time to have fun"" ✌

Saraswati Abacus Centre organising 
MID TERM CAMP in the month of March Providing edutainment to your kids..🎉

Here is the list of Dates,timing and acticvities 👉

27th March ( 12am to 4pm)

✔Art and Craft 🎨 (chocolate bouquets
✔Project making Ideas 
✔tips to improve handwriting

28th March (12am to 4pm)

✔ Cooking Class
✔handwriting Class
✔Indoor Camping

29th march (4 pm to 8pm)
🎉Evening Party🎉

Dance  Exciting Games, Snacks  and much more 😍

Contact Number - 7633885768 
Limited Seats (only 15 are left now)


Saraswati Abacus Centre katihar Mid Term Camp 

Saraswati Abacus Centre katihar Mid Term Camp 


कोई टिप्पणी नहीं

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